Wednesday 9 December 2009

New Look Website

Hi Everyone...

Thought I ought to let you all know tha my website has been revamped :o)

Pop over and have a look,... there are still alot of products to go on, but got quite a bit there for you to look at already...

Let me know wjhat you think...
Happy Crafting!


Saturday 21 November 2009

Hello Everyone.....busy isn't the word for it!

Hi Everyone,
Just a quick message to say Hi, hope you are all ok and crafting away on those Christmas cards?

I have some news,..but will save that for next week... :o)

I do, however, have a request....that, kind of ties in with the news for next week...

If you wish to be added to my new mailing list so that you are kept up to date on Special Offers, New Products and events at Honeypot Crafts, would you please send me your email address to my email address,...

I know it's a bit cryptic, but it will all become clearer next week when I let you know why this ties in with my new 'news'.

Anyway, I have a Christmas Tree Exploding Box to finish so better get on with it...

Talk to you all next week.... promise!

Happy Crafting!



Monday 28 September 2009

A4 Triangle Christmas Card

3 Panel Concertina Card

Smirk Box Card

Acetate Christmas Card

Where have I been and what have I been up to?.....Well............

Hi Everyone
Well, most of you know, Gordon and I had our Civil Partneship a couple of weeks ago and the run up to it was soooo busy.
I (as you would expect) did all my invitations, place setting cards, seating plan, favour boxes etc etc all by my lil ole self so I was busy as a lil bee! Every spare minute was spoken for,...and all whilst running the shop, planning classes, craftathons, a demo day AND doing 2 more projects for magazines! lol

Anyway, I am back now!
And, here are some photos of the cards we did at our September Craftathon yesterday,..I will get all the instructions on over the coming week, at a time!

I will also pop you a couple of photos on from our big day.

PS - I have some exciting news for the weekend ;o)

Hope you are all ok, and been busy with your crafting...Christmas is just around the corner eeeek! Have you started your cards yet?

Happy Crafting!


Monday 22 June 2009

It's Demo Day! :o)

Hi Everyone

Just thought I would let you all know that I have a Demo Day this Saturday, 27th June.

We are starting at 11am and will finish about 4pm.

Sue and myself will be demo'ing...

The Ranger Distress Inks (Love them!)
Woodwares' new HUGE punches (I have them all lol)
Stamps Away Acrylic Stamps (New Character sets, Polly & Pip and Woogi & Friends and some of their stunning Landscapes & Scenery Stamps)
Sakuras Aquarel Water Colour Pencils (You alrady know I have them lol)
If I get them in time
Letrasets Aqua Pro Markers

It should be a great day so I hope you can drop in at some point.

See You on Saturday!


Saturday 20 June 2009

And here it is.....

Congratulations to Pam for her winning entry!

This is a subtly elegant and stylish card Pam and we love it! More to the point, Gordon loved it!

This card is a perfect example of the 'less is more' genre.
The stamp does all the work and the embellishments are added as lil accents so as not to overpower the stamp,..beautiful.

Your goodies are on the way - enjoy them and Well Done again!


Blog Candy Challenge Winner

Good Morning Everyone!

Well, firstly can I just say a huge Thankyou to you all for your fabulous entries into the Blog Candy Challenge - I was so impressed by every entry.
It was great to see how differently we all make our cards with the same specifications!

After much deliberation (and nagging) Gordon has finally chosen the winning card.
I have just emailed the winner to make sure it is ok to publish their name and as soon as they get back to me,, I will publish on the Blog.

I will upload one of my entries later, using the same specifications as I gave you....I didn't win though :o( lol

Until our next Challenge in 2 weeks...!

Happy Crafting!


Sunday 14 June 2009

The weather outside is Delightful! ....

But there is still only today and tomorrow to get your Blog Candy Challenge cards finished!

Remember, the deadline is midnight tomorrow night (Mon)

I am overwhelmed by the response, so thankyou to you all for your fabulous cards...

I don't envy Gordon trying to choose a winner, have all done some great cards and it's so nice to see other peoples takes on using Penny Blacks. People that know me know I am addicted to Penny Black stamps and also know that when I had the new ones delivered this week, I accidently 'had' to have...are you ready for this...

1 set of Teddy and Co
1 set of Wonderful
1 set of Micey Day
1 set of Allegro
1 set of Enjoy Life

Basically, one of them all except one....I know I should be ashamed, but I'm not lol, I need them to demonstrate ;o)

After the deadline passes tomorrow night I will put a couple of my own cards on using the new Penny Blacks so you can see what I have been up to whilst you have been creating your challenge cards...

PS - If you want any of the new stamps, give me a ring at the shop as I have not had chance to add them to the website yet.

Happy Crafting!


Sunday 7 June 2009

The weather outside is frightful!.....

....Which means we have a good excuse to do some crafting! lol

I have just watched the French Open Tennis final and now it's back to crafting ;o)

It's also a great time to stay in and do your Blog Candy Challenge cards ;o)

I will pop some pictures on of my latest cards over the next couple of days to hopefully give you some inspiration...

Happy Crafting!


Friday 5 June 2009


Hi Everyone,..
I just wanted to say a huge Thankyou to you all for your support with the Blog Candy challenge...
From the emails I have had with your card photos on, I think you have done a fabulous job so, well done!
I think Gordon will have difficulty choosing a winner...still...there's still over a week to go so I look forward to seeing more of your work...

Happy Crafting!


Monday 1 June 2009

Blog Candy Challenge - Number 1

Hi Everyone

OK, here is your first Blog Candy Challenge!

This is a nice easy one for you as I am not giving you a specific layout to follow, just a few lil specifications.

The Winner will win the following:-

1 6x6 Kate Knight Wild Blossoms Paper Pack
1 Pack of Kate Knight Wild Blossoms Chipboard Embellishments
1 Kate Knight Wild Blossoms Decoupage Kit
1 Pack of 2x12 Wild Blossoms Papers
1 Pack of Kate Knight Wild Blossoms Adhesive Ribbon
1 Pack of DS Tape
1 Pack of DS Foam Pads
5 Square Cards with Envelopes

That’s over £20 worth of goodies.

These are the only specifications for this challenge.

1. Use a Square Card
2. Use any of the Penny Black Stamp Range
3. If you come to my classes, don’t use a shape/style we have already done!
4. Use ribbons/fibres
5. Use matting and layering styles
6. Use bright, spring colours
7. Don’t use your Die Cutting machines
8. You can use punches
9. Put the kettle on when you finish your card….you will have earned it!

That’s it!

If you are not sure about anything, drop me an email or give me a ring at the shop.

Good Luck Everyone!

Remember - The deadline is midnight on the 15th June, the winner will be notified on the 17th June!


Blog Candy Challenges Rules & Regulations (oer)

Hi Everyone
OK, It seems that 2 weeks is your choice for the timescale for the Blog Candy Challenges so, 2 weeks it is :o)

I have decided that I will hold these Blog Candy Challenges every month and they will start the first Monday of each month (I might miss September/October as I will be busy with wedding things then lol)
This means that we will have a lil bit of excitement for the first two weeks of the month :o)

To participate in the challenges,
I would like you to put a link to my Blog on your own Blog/Website (for those of you that have them) and please leave me a lil message telling me you have done it and where it is. I will add a surprise extra lil prezzy for those of you that do this, if you win.

Don't worry if you don't have a Blog/Website, you can still enter.

The closing date will be exactly 2 weeks from the launch date so in this case it will be midnight on the 15th June.

You need to send me a picture of your card (my email is on my profile page) before the closing date or, if you really want to, you could send me your actual card to the shop before the closing date - I would love that! (email me for the address)

You must use the style/elements/colours etc that I request.

The winner will be chosen by my OH, Gordon, as he is blissfully unaware of who you all are... All pictures that I print will not be named etc so you will all be anonymous to him.

I will notify the winner via email and once I get an acknowledgement from you, I will publish on the Blog.

All sounds exciting eh ;o)

I think that will do for now, but if you think I have missed anything, please let me know...remember it's the first challenge I have set too so I do want your feedback.

Happy Candy'ing!


Wednesday 27 May 2009

Blog Candy Challenges

Hi Everyone
Ok, I have decided what to do for our first ever Blog Candy challenge, but...
I need to know how long you think is reasonable to get your cards made and pictures sent to me....
I was thinking perhaps 2 weeks or is that too long?
I will start the challenge next Monday so if you could let me know your thoughts before then, that would be great.

PS - I just treated (is that even a word!? lol) myself to some fabulous Aquarel Watercolour Pencils by Sakura. I have the 48 colour set and used them for the first time yesterday. I have to say, they are the best watercolour pencils I have used,...not grainy or chalky, they blend so easily!
I 'accidently' ordered the 48 colour set when I was restocking the Sakura pens for the shop and, of course, I got some of the 24 and 12 colour sets for people to buy in the shop...I have no doubt that they will go down a treat....
Watch this space and I will add a new project I used the pencils on to the blog when I get chance.

Happy Crafting!


Thursday 21 May 2009

Simply Cards & Papercraft - Update

Hi Everyone
Just thought I would let you know that my card for Simply Cards & Papercraft was posted off yesterday!
It will be available in the Designer Booklet that comes with the magazine on 23rd July.
For those of you that know me, I have ordered some mags for the shop and will have them three or four days before they go on general sale so let me know if you want one saving.
I hope you like the card and can follow the destructions....I was only allowed a certain amount of text so had to really break them down...not like on here where I rattle on hours! lol

Anyway, I'm off to get my projects prepared for this Sundays Craftathon so I will catch up with you all soon.

PS - I will organise the first Blog Candy Challenge as soon as I can after Sunday. I will get Gordon to judge the winners (after I shortlist) as he hasn't got a scooby doo (clue) who anyone is so it would be fair, based on what he thinks looks good lol

Talk Soon
Happy Crafting!


Friday 15 May 2009

Monochrome Exploding Box

Hi Everyone!
I recently did an Exploding Box workshop at the shop and this is the one I made. I have so many people asking me how they are made, so here we go....
I love Exploding Boxes....they are something a bit different and special.
They are perfect for special occassions as you can personlise them with photographs etc.
I promise that these are easy to make and worth investing the time to create.
I have done this one in Monochrome as it photographs well for the Blog - I hope you like it!
Happy Crafting!
Monochrome Exploding Box

3 Sheets of 12x12 Bazzill Dotted Swiss Cardstock (Co-ordinating colours)
1 A4 Sheet of Cardstock for the lid
1 A4 Sheet of Silver Mirriboard
Black Grosgrain Ribbon
Woodware Super Cherry Punch
Woodware Super Daisy Punch
Woodware Big Daisy Punch
Woodware Jumbo Daisy punch
Woodware Big Fern Leaf Punch
Woodware Super Duper Rounded Flower Punch
Floral Punchcraft Stamens Punch
Crystal Stickles or Iridescent Glamour Dust
Sizzix Butterflies Sizzlit Set
Dovecraft Corner Rounder Punch
Extra Strong DS Tape (I use Woodwares’ red power tape)
Sakura Quickie Glue Pen or equivalent


Take your first piece of 12x12 cardstock; this will be the outer layer. Trim this to 30cm x 30cm (Bazzill is always slightly bigger)

Make a pencil mark at 10cm and 20cm along all four sides, and then score them together to make a grid of 9 squares.

Cut the four outside squares away to leave you with a + shape. Put the cut out pieces to one side as we will use them to decorate the inside off the box later.

Trim your second piece of 12x12 cardstock to 27cm x 27cm.

Repeat the above process, but score at 9cm and 18cm.

Again, cut away the four outside corners and put the cut out pieces away for decorating the inside of the box later.

Trim your last piece of 12x12 cardstock to 24cm x 24cm and score at 8cm and 16cm.

Again, cut away the four outside corners and put the cut out pieces away for decorating the inside of the box later.

Use the corner rounder punch to round off the outside corners on all three pieces.

Use the corner rounder punch to round off the corners of the squares you cut off the second and third layers.

OK, Now the assembly!

Put DS tape around the bottom of the middle square of the middle layer; stick this in the centre of the bottom layer (the biggest).

Repeat the above on the smallest layer and stick in the centre of the middle layer.

That’s it - That’s the box part done. Apart from the decoration of course.

Punch out the flowers in any combination you like. I like to bend and crease the flowers to create the unusual shapes. There is no right or wrong way to build your flowers, just do them as you like them.

Glitter them up with stickles or glamour dust and let that dry whilst you make the lid.

I like geometric and co-ordinating patterns, hence my flowers have been stuck in the box with complete symmetry, but this is personal choice.

Now - The lid.

There are two ways to make the lid; I have chosen the easiest to show you so I hope you can understand the instructions!

Trim your A4 cardstock to 15.5cm x 15.5cm.

I have made this box lid slightly larger to ensure it isn’t too tight on your box.

Score all four sides 2.6cm in from the edge.

Cut a small V shape into each corner where the scored lines overlap, on all four sides.

Turn the lid upside down and put the extra strong DS tape on the small square on the edge of each side.

Turn the lid over again and stick the corner inside as you fold the scored line in. Repeat this on all four corners. The bit you stick in should be in the inside of the lid.

Trim the lid with the Grosgrain ribbon.

Decorate as you like. I used the Sizzix Butterflies.

You know what’s coming next…..

Put the kettle on… have earned it!

Happy Crafting!


Sunday 3 May 2009

Simply Cards & Papercraft

Hi Everyone
Just thought I would drop a little hint and let you know that.....
One of my projects will be featured in the July Designer Booklet that comes with Simply Cards and Papercraft magazine.... :o)
I won't tell you what it is as it will spoil it, but rest assured, I shall try my best to make it fabulous for you ;o)

I will also be in two other magazines soon and will keep you posted on that...

Happy Crafting


Messy Rabbit Triple Embossed Card

Hi Everyone

You can tell I like doing something when I do it more than three times! lol

Here is a Triple embossed card with one of Joanna Sheens Messy Rabbit (my current fave) stamps.

I have also used my new Circular Greetings Acrylic stamps by them!

PS - Anne, text me if you want to order any as they sold out two days after getting them in the shop! lol

Happy Crafting!



Thursday 30 April 2009

My First Blog Award!

Hi Everyone

I just wanted to let you all know that I got my first Blog Award from Lynne the other day!

Thank You so much Lynne, I'm glad you like my work enough to give me a lil award




Wednesday 29 April 2009

Triple Embossed Penny Black Card

I love this card and the nice summer colours!

Preparation is the key to this card,..leaving the messy job till last!

Triple embossing is so easy to do and looks stunning...why pay for fancy epoxy stickers when you can make something that not only looks better,'s more fun and cheaper lol

Equipment and Materials Used

15cm x 15cm Lemon Blank Card
2 A5 Sheets of Bright Floral Card - I used a freebie from a magazine ;o)
22mm White and Lemon Organza Ribbon
Making Memories Instant Setter or Single Hole Punch
Woodware 1.5” Daisy Punch
Woodware 1” Daisy Punch
Crystal Stickles or Glamour Dust
Penny Black Garden Friends Acrylic Stamp Set
Black Stazon Ink Pad
Acrylic Block
Woodware 1” Fern Leaf Punch
Scrap of Green Cardstock
White Cardstock
DS Tape
Extra Strong DS Tape (I use Woodware Power Tape)
Foam Pads (2mm)
Koi Small Water Brush
Scrap of Lemon Card
Clear Ultra Thick Embossing Powder
Versamark Pad.
Heat Gun
Dovecraft Primary Brush Markers


Trim one of the pieces of patterned card to fit your blank card, leaving a small border around. Colour the edges with a brush marker in a coordinating colour. Attach to the card with DS tape.

Trim a 10cm x 10cm square off the second patterned card, colour the edges with a different coloured brush marker.

Punch three holes on the 10cm x 10cm piece of card on the top left corner and again on the bottom right corner (about 1cm in)

Attach the organza ribbon to each hole, tying it in a double knot, trim to tidy it up at the edges.

Attach this piece of card to the bottom right corner of the main card with foam pads, leaving a border on the bottom and right side.

Cut an 8cm x 5cm piece the white card and stamp your Penny Black image onto it with the Stazon.

Colour in with the Brush Markers using the water brush. (Top Tip – You can water colour with brush markers two ways, either take the colour from the nib of the brush marker directly with the water brush or draw a squiggle of your colour on an acrylic block and take the colour off there with the water brush – I do the direct technique)

Punch 2 1.5” Daisies in Lemon Card and stick together with tape. Punch a 1” Daisy in the patterned card and attach to the top of the lemon Daisy.

Punch 1 green Fern Leaf.

Now the fun part.

Stamp over the whole of the stamped image with the Versamark pad and tip the Ultra Thick Embossing Powder over it. I do this over an old take away tub.
Heat with the heat tool until the powder melts completely clear, leave this to cool down and dry. Then simply repeat this process twice more, you will eventually end up with a complete covering that looks like a thick clear lacquer. Leave to cool down. The image will have curled a little due to the heat...this is normal so don’t panic.

Once the embossing has cooled down, mount it with extra strong DS tape onto a piece of scrap lemon card, trim to leave a small border.

Apply strong DS tape to the bottom three quarters on the stamped image (on the back – just in case you were wondering lol) Stick this to the 10cm x 10cm piece of patterned card so that it hangs over at the top.

Stick your built up Daisy to the bottom left of the image using a foam pad and stickle (or Glamour Dust) the edge of the petals and centre.

Apply DS tape to the reverse of the Fern leaf and position under the daisy and stick.

You know what’s coming next…..

Put the kettle on… have earned it!

Happy Crafting!


This is another colour choice for you,...the one we did at tonights workshop.

Monday 20 April 2009

3 Panel DL Oriental Screen Card

3 Panel DL Oriental Screen Card

This is one of the projects we did on the last Craftathon. I love this Oriental Screen Card and have had so many positive comments about it in the shop. I have made sure that this card will fit into a normal DL sized envelope.
It does take a while to do as there is a lot of cutting and sticking, but it is worth it.
You can also adapt this card to any style, as you will see when I get my Messy Rabbit Screen Card uploaded. :o)

Equipment and Materials Used

1 A4 Sheet Of Board/Thick Card
1 A4 Sheet of Black and White Patterned Paper
1 Sheet of Oriental themed paper.
Oriental Style CD Rom by Sharon Duncan
7mm Black Organza Ribbon
3” Scalloped Rectangle Punch
Purple Cow A4 Duo Guillotine
Making Memories Instant Setter (or Single Hole Punch)
Black Ink Pad
Black Dovecraft Brush Marker Pen
DS Tape (Lots of!)
1mm Foam Pads


Using the Oriental Style CD Rom, choose one of the decoupage sheets and print onto photo paper. Also print a co-ordinating background paper. If you don’t have this CD Rom, use any cute’ish oriental character decoupage that has some additional embellishments with it and a matching background paper. Once you are happy with your decoupage, cut it out and build it all up with the 1mm Foam Pads. It does have to be 1mm Foam Pads otherwise it will be too thick. Once it is all built up, put it to one side.

Using the Purple Cow Guillotine (My absolute favourite cutter!), cut the A4 Board into three panels of 9.9cm wide. The height does not need to be changed.

Cover both sides of each panel with DS tape, close to the edge and with a strip placed diagonally in the middle (this stops the paper from bubbling in the centre). Cover one side of all three panels with the Black and White paper and the other side with the co-ordinating Oriental style background paper.

Lay the panels in front of you so that you have the Black and White pattern face up at each end and the Oriental pattern face up in the middle.

Measure up 7cm from the bottom and then 7cm down from the top, about 1cm from the edge of the Right side of the first panel. Make a pencil mark.

Do the same on both the Left and Right side of the middle panel, then only on the left of the last panel.

Punch a hole over the pencil marks using the Instant Setter (or Single hole punch)

Using the 3” Scalloped Rectangle punch upside down, place the bottom of each panel half way into the punch, centrally and punch out (If you can see the same amount of the panel on either side of the punch, it should be central, use the pattern on the punch as a guide)(This may take a few presses of the punch to go through as the card is quite thick, but persevere as it will eventually cut through).

Ink the edges of all three panels with the Black Ink Pad. Use the Black Brush Marker to go round the scalloped area at the bottom of each panel.

Place the three panels in front of you with the patterns as before and thread the black organza ribbon through each hole and tie in a double knot close to the card, but with enough room for it to move.

Use the Black Brush Marker to go round the edge of the decoupage (only if it had a black edge before you started cutting it out)

Now the easy part!

Choose where to put your decoupage and embellishments and stick them to the panels with the 1mm Foam pads.

Finish off with Stickles or Glamour Dust and…..
Put the kettle on… have earned it!

Happy Crafting!


Sunday 19 April 2009

Where have I been?!

Hi Everyone
Just thought I would bring you up to date on what I have been up to, and apologise for not uploading any new projects for a while (I am ashamed lol)
I have been so busy since my last post!
I have been making my own wedding invitations and no, you wont get to see one until all the recipients have had theirs, lol, is now such a top secret job that only myself, my partner and Sue know what they are like!...needless to say I think they are fabulous and I will let you see them....eventually.

The wonderful Messy Rabbit collection of stamps etc has been hugely popular in the shop and I admit to having one of all of the stamps, ;o) - Projects I have been doing are on the way, BUT
I have still got to upload the projects from the last Craftathon first.
I have taken the pictures so as soon as I get the instructions written, I will upload the whole package.

Most people that know me know I cant resist new goodies, for myself and the shop. The new Penny Black range of Acrylic stamps will be in the shop on Tuesday and the beautiful new Monochrome and Copper die cut floral decoupage from Craft Uk should be here by Wednesday....I cant wait as I love Black and White projects.

I am also expecting very soon, some more....sshhh, will let you know when they arrive :o)

I promise I will get a new project uploaded by the end of the day tomorrow..

Happy Crafting


Wednesday 11 March 2009

Cut Out Topper Card

Cut Out Topper Card.
This is a lovely card with the added interest of cutting out the back pannel of the card instead of just plonking a topper on!
The Purple Cow Creative Cutter has been put to use here and it is one of my 'new' favourite things! lol

Equipment and Materials Used:
1 White DL Card
Purple Cow Creative Cutter
Penny Black Critter Party Acrylic Stamps
Black Stazon Ink Pad
Dovecraft Primary Brush Markers
Koi Fine Water Brush
Black Tie Bazill Bling Cardstock
White Cardstock
Woodware 2" Scalloped Oval Punch
Co-ordinating Patterned Paper
Woodware 1" Butterfly Punch
Silver Stickles
DS Tape and Foam Pads


Start of with a DL sized card.
Measure on the back of the card and in from the left or right (depending on which side you want to have your topper) and mark with a pencil at 2cm and 9cm.

Measure down 4cm from the 2cm mark and the 4cm and join together to draw a 4cm x 7cm rectangle.

Open the card out and cut the lines where you drew the rectangle, but NOT on the crease of the card.

You should then have a flap that will fold up and this will be the base for your topper.

Cut a 6cm x 12cm piece of white card and stamp your images and colour them in or stick your choice of topper onto it. (I have used the Penny Black Critter Party acrylic set and waterbrushed with the Dovecraft Brush markers)
Mat this onto a co-ordinating piece of cardstock and cut around to leave a small border (about 5mm)

Take the piece of 8cm x 21cm piece of co-ordinating paper and the piece of cardstock the same size and place them on top of each other exactly.
Using the Purple Cow Creative Cutter, cut through both pieces at the same time, freehand, to create the symmetrical wave pattern on both pieces. (This does take some practice, but it is worth it. Try on some scrap paper first, until you get the pressure right.)

Stick the waved cardstock to the bottom of the card with DS tape (Or glue if you prefer) and then do the same with the co-ordinating paper, making sure to move the paper down so you get a symmetrical border with the cardstock.

Punch out two scalloped ovals, one in white cardstock and the other in a co-ordinating colour.

Stamp your greeting onto the white piece and 3D with 3D foam pads or silicone glue on top of the other scalloped oval, then just off centre the bottom piece so it gives a shadow effect.

Use 3D foam pads or silicone glue to stick your topper onto the card, making sure it is lined up with the pop out flap at the top of the card.

Add a punched out butterfly or daisy if you wish.

Glitter up with Glamour Dust or Stickles and...

Put the kettle on!... You earned it!

I have measured these cards to make sure they fit into a standard C5 envelope.

Happy Crafting!


Saturday 7 March 2009

5 Panel Zig Zag Card

I said I would start adding photos of my cards and here is the first one!
I first made this 5 panel Zig Zag Card for the January Craftathon day, I did a yellow and white daisy version and the class (which have now been named my 'Honeypotters'!) did a beautiful version with red and pink hearts for Valentines Day.

This is how we made it!....

Equipment and Materials Needed:
1 12x12 Sheet of Bazzill Cardstock
DS Tape
Corner Rounder Punch (one with a removable guard, the Dovecraft one is perfect)
Regular Daisy Punch
1" Daisy Punch
1.5" Daisy Punch
2" Daisy Punch
White/Irridescent Glamour Dust or Stickles
Butterfly Stamps (I have used a Penny Black Butterfly Stamp)


Trim the Bazzill Cardstock to a 30cm square (Bazzill is always a little bigger than 30cm).
Cut the Bazzill to 17.5cm x 30cm.

Score both pieces of the Bazzill at 10cm sections so you end up with two pieces of Bazzill with 3 x 10cm vertically scored sections.

Place the two pieces of card textured/bling side face up, with the 17.5cm piece on the left and the smaller piece on the right.

Place DS tape/glue on the reverse of the left panel of the smaller piece of card. I prefer to work with DS tape, but use whichever you are comfortable with.
Overlap the left panel of the smaller piece of card over the right panel of the taller piece of card and stick.

Here comes the fun part…
Draw a pencil line from the top left corner of the taller piece of card, making sure you go just under the second joint where the two pieces are stuck together, follow the pencil line down to where it naturally ends on the smaller piece of card (usually about 9 to 10 cm from the bottom). You will have to do this in two stages if your ruler is only 30cm long. Then trim off with scissors or a craft knife.

Take the guard off your corner rounder punch and starting from the top of the card, place the punch to the very edge of the card, as far in as it will go and punch your first ‘scallop’. Move the punch down the card so that the edge of the second punched out area overlaps very slightly with the scallop you have just punched out and punch again…repeat this process until you get to the end of the card. If you have done it right, you will have a lovely deep scallop border. (This does take a bit of practice so I suggest trying it out on a piece of paper first…I find it easier to work with the punch upside down so you can see clearly where you are going). Once you have done this, fold and concertina your card so you have the Zig Zag shape.

Ink the edges of the scallop with black ink or colour of your choice.

Next fun part…
Punch out the daisies in the co-ordinating colours of your choice and glue them together in any combination of sizes you like. I like to mix and match the different sizes to give added interest to the card. I also recommend using a maximum of three co-ordinating colours so your card doesn’t look too busy with colour. I also recommend only using three of the largest size daisies.
Then stick the daisies to your card, starting from the back, tallest, section. I start with one of the largest daisies on the corner and add the smaller ones around it, forming a kind of back to front L shape design on the card as this is the area of the card you will see when it is stood up.
Make sure you stick some daisies with 3D foam pads/silicone glue to add dimension.

Then, stamp the butterflies with Moonlight White Brilliance Ink and then…

Use stickles glitter glue or the glamour dust on the daisies to give them the sparkle they need.

Put the kettle on! You've earned it...

These cards do take a while to do, but the results are stunning.

Happy Crafting!


Friday 6 March 2009


And welcome to my new Blog!
I have had so many people who pop into the shop ask me why my card designs are not on the Honeypot Crafts website to inspire them that I just 'had' to have this Blog. It made more sense to maintain the designs and card inspiration (I hope!) side of things away from the consumer website so, here we are.
Knowing me, I will play around with the colours and background until I am 100% happy with them so don't be surprised if the colours change in between your visits lol

I will start uploading some of my card designs over the weekend so please pop back and have a look,... tell me what you think, and especially tell me if you are inspired...then I will know I am doing my job properly!

I will also use the Blog to let you know about all the new products that I have ordered for the shop...those that know me know that this is a weekly event as I just can't resist new goodies, just like any crafter ;o) and to also let you know about up and coming events that will be held in store, our March Craftathon!

Until next time....

Take Care and Happy Crafting!