Friday 30 April 2010

Mini Demo Day!

Hi Everyone

Just letting you all know that I will be doing a mini demo day on

Friday 7th May
11:30am til 2:30pm

I will be demonstrating:-

Perfect Pearls Powders - How to get the best out of this wonderful product!

Stamping Techniques - How to stamp perfectly every time using different mediums!

Hope to see you there

Happy Crafting!


Wednesday 21 April 2010

New Printable Greetings on the website...

Hi Everyone

As the Christmas printable greetings I designed last year were so popular, I have now designed some Happy Birthday ones too!

These greetings are designed to fit perfectly with the Woodware Craft Punches, eg, the 1.5" Circular Happy Birthday greetings will fit perfectly in the 1.5" circle punch etc....
These greetings are available as downloads, so once you have bought them, you will be given a download link and you will have them in seconds!
They are in pdf high quality format.

I have also designed some Oval, Square, Rectangle and Along The Page Border Greetings too (yes, I've been busy lol) and these will be added to the website over the weekend...

Here are a couple of cards where I have used the 1.5" Circular Happy Birthday give you some ideas...

PS - Pro Markers are also now on the 'new' favourite!
PPS - I am going to start using the Honeypot Crafts Facebook page to notify people of events and generally what I am up to at the shop so if you haven't already registered as a follower, it will be worth doing so ;o)
The link to join is on my website and a link to my website is below..

Happy Crafting!