Monday 22 June 2009

It's Demo Day! :o)

Hi Everyone

Just thought I would let you all know that I have a Demo Day this Saturday, 27th June.

We are starting at 11am and will finish about 4pm.

Sue and myself will be demo'ing...

The Ranger Distress Inks (Love them!)
Woodwares' new HUGE punches (I have them all lol)
Stamps Away Acrylic Stamps (New Character sets, Polly & Pip and Woogi & Friends and some of their stunning Landscapes & Scenery Stamps)
Sakuras Aquarel Water Colour Pencils (You alrady know I have them lol)
If I get them in time
Letrasets Aqua Pro Markers

It should be a great day so I hope you can drop in at some point.

See You on Saturday!


Saturday 20 June 2009

And here it is.....

Congratulations to Pam for her winning entry!

This is a subtly elegant and stylish card Pam and we love it! More to the point, Gordon loved it!

This card is a perfect example of the 'less is more' genre.
The stamp does all the work and the embellishments are added as lil accents so as not to overpower the stamp,..beautiful.

Your goodies are on the way - enjoy them and Well Done again!


Blog Candy Challenge Winner

Good Morning Everyone!

Well, firstly can I just say a huge Thankyou to you all for your fabulous entries into the Blog Candy Challenge - I was so impressed by every entry.
It was great to see how differently we all make our cards with the same specifications!

After much deliberation (and nagging) Gordon has finally chosen the winning card.
I have just emailed the winner to make sure it is ok to publish their name and as soon as they get back to me,, I will publish on the Blog.

I will upload one of my entries later, using the same specifications as I gave you....I didn't win though :o( lol

Until our next Challenge in 2 weeks...!

Happy Crafting!


Sunday 14 June 2009

The weather outside is Delightful! ....

But there is still only today and tomorrow to get your Blog Candy Challenge cards finished!

Remember, the deadline is midnight tomorrow night (Mon)

I am overwhelmed by the response, so thankyou to you all for your fabulous cards...

I don't envy Gordon trying to choose a winner, have all done some great cards and it's so nice to see other peoples takes on using Penny Blacks. People that know me know I am addicted to Penny Black stamps and also know that when I had the new ones delivered this week, I accidently 'had' to have...are you ready for this...

1 set of Teddy and Co
1 set of Wonderful
1 set of Micey Day
1 set of Allegro
1 set of Enjoy Life

Basically, one of them all except one....I know I should be ashamed, but I'm not lol, I need them to demonstrate ;o)

After the deadline passes tomorrow night I will put a couple of my own cards on using the new Penny Blacks so you can see what I have been up to whilst you have been creating your challenge cards...

PS - If you want any of the new stamps, give me a ring at the shop as I have not had chance to add them to the website yet.

Happy Crafting!


Sunday 7 June 2009

The weather outside is frightful!.....

....Which means we have a good excuse to do some crafting! lol

I have just watched the French Open Tennis final and now it's back to crafting ;o)

It's also a great time to stay in and do your Blog Candy Challenge cards ;o)

I will pop some pictures on of my latest cards over the next couple of days to hopefully give you some inspiration...

Happy Crafting!


Friday 5 June 2009


Hi Everyone,..
I just wanted to say a huge Thankyou to you all for your support with the Blog Candy challenge...
From the emails I have had with your card photos on, I think you have done a fabulous job so, well done!
I think Gordon will have difficulty choosing a winner...still...there's still over a week to go so I look forward to seeing more of your work...

Happy Crafting!


Monday 1 June 2009

Blog Candy Challenge - Number 1

Hi Everyone

OK, here is your first Blog Candy Challenge!

This is a nice easy one for you as I am not giving you a specific layout to follow, just a few lil specifications.

The Winner will win the following:-

1 6x6 Kate Knight Wild Blossoms Paper Pack
1 Pack of Kate Knight Wild Blossoms Chipboard Embellishments
1 Kate Knight Wild Blossoms Decoupage Kit
1 Pack of 2x12 Wild Blossoms Papers
1 Pack of Kate Knight Wild Blossoms Adhesive Ribbon
1 Pack of DS Tape
1 Pack of DS Foam Pads
5 Square Cards with Envelopes

That’s over £20 worth of goodies.

These are the only specifications for this challenge.

1. Use a Square Card
2. Use any of the Penny Black Stamp Range
3. If you come to my classes, don’t use a shape/style we have already done!
4. Use ribbons/fibres
5. Use matting and layering styles
6. Use bright, spring colours
7. Don’t use your Die Cutting machines
8. You can use punches
9. Put the kettle on when you finish your card….you will have earned it!

That’s it!

If you are not sure about anything, drop me an email or give me a ring at the shop.

Good Luck Everyone!

Remember - The deadline is midnight on the 15th June, the winner will be notified on the 17th June!


Blog Candy Challenges Rules & Regulations (oer)

Hi Everyone
OK, It seems that 2 weeks is your choice for the timescale for the Blog Candy Challenges so, 2 weeks it is :o)

I have decided that I will hold these Blog Candy Challenges every month and they will start the first Monday of each month (I might miss September/October as I will be busy with wedding things then lol)
This means that we will have a lil bit of excitement for the first two weeks of the month :o)

To participate in the challenges,
I would like you to put a link to my Blog on your own Blog/Website (for those of you that have them) and please leave me a lil message telling me you have done it and where it is. I will add a surprise extra lil prezzy for those of you that do this, if you win.

Don't worry if you don't have a Blog/Website, you can still enter.

The closing date will be exactly 2 weeks from the launch date so in this case it will be midnight on the 15th June.

You need to send me a picture of your card (my email is on my profile page) before the closing date or, if you really want to, you could send me your actual card to the shop before the closing date - I would love that! (email me for the address)

You must use the style/elements/colours etc that I request.

The winner will be chosen by my OH, Gordon, as he is blissfully unaware of who you all are... All pictures that I print will not be named etc so you will all be anonymous to him.

I will notify the winner via email and once I get an acknowledgement from you, I will publish on the Blog.

All sounds exciting eh ;o)

I think that will do for now, but if you think I have missed anything, please let me know...remember it's the first challenge I have set too so I do want your feedback.

Happy Candy'ing!