Monday 1 June 2009

Blog Candy Challenges Rules & Regulations (oer)

Hi Everyone
OK, It seems that 2 weeks is your choice for the timescale for the Blog Candy Challenges so, 2 weeks it is :o)

I have decided that I will hold these Blog Candy Challenges every month and they will start the first Monday of each month (I might miss September/October as I will be busy with wedding things then lol)
This means that we will have a lil bit of excitement for the first two weeks of the month :o)

To participate in the challenges,
I would like you to put a link to my Blog on your own Blog/Website (for those of you that have them) and please leave me a lil message telling me you have done it and where it is. I will add a surprise extra lil prezzy for those of you that do this, if you win.

Don't worry if you don't have a Blog/Website, you can still enter.

The closing date will be exactly 2 weeks from the launch date so in this case it will be midnight on the 15th June.

You need to send me a picture of your card (my email is on my profile page) before the closing date or, if you really want to, you could send me your actual card to the shop before the closing date - I would love that! (email me for the address)

You must use the style/elements/colours etc that I request.

The winner will be chosen by my OH, Gordon, as he is blissfully unaware of who you all are... All pictures that I print will not be named etc so you will all be anonymous to him.

I will notify the winner via email and once I get an acknowledgement from you, I will publish on the Blog.

All sounds exciting eh ;o)

I think that will do for now, but if you think I have missed anything, please let me know...remember it's the first challenge I have set too so I do want your feedback.

Happy Candy'ing!


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