Wednesday 27 May 2009

Blog Candy Challenges

Hi Everyone
Ok, I have decided what to do for our first ever Blog Candy challenge, but...
I need to know how long you think is reasonable to get your cards made and pictures sent to me....
I was thinking perhaps 2 weeks or is that too long?
I will start the challenge next Monday so if you could let me know your thoughts before then, that would be great.

PS - I just treated (is that even a word!? lol) myself to some fabulous Aquarel Watercolour Pencils by Sakura. I have the 48 colour set and used them for the first time yesterday. I have to say, they are the best watercolour pencils I have used,...not grainy or chalky, they blend so easily!
I 'accidently' ordered the 48 colour set when I was restocking the Sakura pens for the shop and, of course, I got some of the 24 and 12 colour sets for people to buy in the shop...I have no doubt that they will go down a treat....
Watch this space and I will add a new project I used the pencils on to the blog when I get chance.

Happy Crafting!



  1. Hi Phill, I forgot to ask how much the pencils are :o) Just in case...Hee Hee! Love Anne xx

  2. Yeah, me too, how much are the 'loverly' pencils!!


  3. lol you two...
    The 24 colour set (that comes in a lovely 2 set drawer case) is £33.49
    and the 12 colour set )comes in a tin) is £17.25..
    I have three sets of the 24 colour boxes and 4 of the 12 colour tins,..but I have a class tonight so it will probably go down a bit by then.. ;o)



  4. Oh Phill, I think Ian has got Aquarels already!! How could you? I hope there are some new Sakuras or I'll be in real trouble!!!! :o) x

  5. love the new pencils I want some