Saturday 22 May 2010

For my sisters benefit......

.... and for those of you that don't 'do' Facebook ;o)
Hi Everyone

I was speaking to my sister earlier today and was telling her about the cards I have been putting on the Honeypot Crafts Facebook Page. She "doesn't do Facebook" lol

So I thought I would pop them on here for her and the other people out there that don't like Facebook... How thoughtful is that ;o) lol
For those of you that do want to follow me on Facebook, there is a quick link to my page a few messages down.

Anyway, here are a couple of 8x8 projects I have done recently, primarily to show people the new GCD Studios Paris Nights and Ella Blue Papers.
Then the third is a 7x7 card to promote some new multi flower punches I have just had delivered...

I hope you like them.

Happy Crafting

Tuesday 11 May 2010

Latest Class Projects

Hi Everyone
Well, it's been a busy few weeks, what with ordering all the lovely Martha Stewart punches (four orders!) ...not really a chore, but there are so do you choose?!

Having to then choose which one(s) I NEEDED, lol
Anyway, as mentioned below, I need you to all follow the Honeypot Crafts Facebook page to keep up to date,...I don't think you have to have a Facebook page of your own as a few people have joined who are not regular Facebook users....(let me know!)
Here are a few of my latest projects that I have done at the workshops,...I hope you like them..
I have enjoyed using some images from Pink Petticoat (I hope you are reading this Liz!) as I love her work...and confess to having all of her downloads!
The first card is a sideways easle take on a current favourite shape...
The second is a screen card, made a bit more modern....
Happy Crafting!

Honeypot Crafts on Facebook

Hi Everyone
Just thought t would be a goo idea to pop a link on the Blog that will take you straight to the Honeypot Crafts Official Facebook page..

I am using the Facebook pages more an more to keep you all up to date on what is new and happening at Honeypot Crafts so its worth popping on.

It's easy to become a follower, all you have to do is click the 'like' link at the top of the Facebook page and it will automatically keep you posted....easy peasy!

Heres the link

Happy Crafting!