Friday 6 March 2009


And welcome to my new Blog!
I have had so many people who pop into the shop ask me why my card designs are not on the Honeypot Crafts website to inspire them that I just 'had' to have this Blog. It made more sense to maintain the designs and card inspiration (I hope!) side of things away from the consumer website so, here we are.
Knowing me, I will play around with the colours and background until I am 100% happy with them so don't be surprised if the colours change in between your visits lol

I will start uploading some of my card designs over the weekend so please pop back and have a look,... tell me what you think, and especially tell me if you are inspired...then I will know I am doing my job properly!

I will also use the Blog to let you know about all the new products that I have ordered for the shop...those that know me know that this is a weekly event as I just can't resist new goodies, just like any crafter ;o) and to also let you know about up and coming events that will be held in store, our March Craftathon!

Until next time....

Take Care and Happy Crafting!



  1. Hi Phill,

    Great start to your blog, glad to see you have taken the plunge :o) I will certainly keep an eye on this blog so I can see what you have ordered for the shop, you know I like all your new goodies ! I look forward to seeing your cards on here too, it's always good to have some inspiration, well done dahling, keep up the good work :o)
    Love Anne xx

  2. hi phill just got onto your site it's great.

  3. Hi Phill,
    love the blog and the card, but I loved that as soon as I saw it today in the shop, hope you're going to inspire us with more beautiful cards on here, have passed the blog addy to my bessie mate in London, she's already had a look too,
    see you when I've saved up again - I'd have money if I didn't keep coming to see you lol
    love Barbs xx

  4. Hi Phill!
    Looks like I'm just about a month behind you!
    Blog is great and, as usual, so are the cards. Look forward to seeing more!

  5. Hi Phill, Well what can I say? I'm so pleased that you have a good web site and now a blog. There's no stopping you is there? It has to be said though that anyone who doesn't know you and pops into your shop after seeing your piccy is going to be so disapointed. I told you it was such a waste. Lucky Gordon. I hope that he's keeping well. Give him my regards. Keep up the good work and get those card ideas of yours on your web and blog. It's not fair that only the locals get to see them.
    Love kay
    You know, big boobs coffee drinking kay Ha Ha