Saturday 21 November 2009

Hello Everyone.....busy isn't the word for it!

Hi Everyone,
Just a quick message to say Hi, hope you are all ok and crafting away on those Christmas cards?

I have some news,..but will save that for next week... :o)

I do, however, have a request....that, kind of ties in with the news for next week...

If you wish to be added to my new mailing list so that you are kept up to date on Special Offers, New Products and events at Honeypot Crafts, would you please send me your email address to my email address,...

I know it's a bit cryptic, but it will all become clearer next week when I let you know why this ties in with my new 'news'.

Anyway, I have a Christmas Tree Exploding Box to finish so better get on with it...

Talk to you all next week.... promise!

Happy Crafting!



1 comment:

  1. Nice to see ya .Hate peeps who start to tell you things then deceide they will come back and tell ya later!!!!Hope your well and busy making those crimbo cards!
    hugs judex