Monday 20 April 2009

3 Panel DL Oriental Screen Card

3 Panel DL Oriental Screen Card

This is one of the projects we did on the last Craftathon. I love this Oriental Screen Card and have had so many positive comments about it in the shop. I have made sure that this card will fit into a normal DL sized envelope.
It does take a while to do as there is a lot of cutting and sticking, but it is worth it.
You can also adapt this card to any style, as you will see when I get my Messy Rabbit Screen Card uploaded. :o)

Equipment and Materials Used

1 A4 Sheet Of Board/Thick Card
1 A4 Sheet of Black and White Patterned Paper
1 Sheet of Oriental themed paper.
Oriental Style CD Rom by Sharon Duncan
7mm Black Organza Ribbon
3” Scalloped Rectangle Punch
Purple Cow A4 Duo Guillotine
Making Memories Instant Setter (or Single Hole Punch)
Black Ink Pad
Black Dovecraft Brush Marker Pen
DS Tape (Lots of!)
1mm Foam Pads


Using the Oriental Style CD Rom, choose one of the decoupage sheets and print onto photo paper. Also print a co-ordinating background paper. If you don’t have this CD Rom, use any cute’ish oriental character decoupage that has some additional embellishments with it and a matching background paper. Once you are happy with your decoupage, cut it out and build it all up with the 1mm Foam Pads. It does have to be 1mm Foam Pads otherwise it will be too thick. Once it is all built up, put it to one side.

Using the Purple Cow Guillotine (My absolute favourite cutter!), cut the A4 Board into three panels of 9.9cm wide. The height does not need to be changed.

Cover both sides of each panel with DS tape, close to the edge and with a strip placed diagonally in the middle (this stops the paper from bubbling in the centre). Cover one side of all three panels with the Black and White paper and the other side with the co-ordinating Oriental style background paper.

Lay the panels in front of you so that you have the Black and White pattern face up at each end and the Oriental pattern face up in the middle.

Measure up 7cm from the bottom and then 7cm down from the top, about 1cm from the edge of the Right side of the first panel. Make a pencil mark.

Do the same on both the Left and Right side of the middle panel, then only on the left of the last panel.

Punch a hole over the pencil marks using the Instant Setter (or Single hole punch)

Using the 3” Scalloped Rectangle punch upside down, place the bottom of each panel half way into the punch, centrally and punch out (If you can see the same amount of the panel on either side of the punch, it should be central, use the pattern on the punch as a guide)(This may take a few presses of the punch to go through as the card is quite thick, but persevere as it will eventually cut through).

Ink the edges of all three panels with the Black Ink Pad. Use the Black Brush Marker to go round the scalloped area at the bottom of each panel.

Place the three panels in front of you with the patterns as before and thread the black organza ribbon through each hole and tie in a double knot close to the card, but with enough room for it to move.

Use the Black Brush Marker to go round the edge of the decoupage (only if it had a black edge before you started cutting it out)

Now the easy part!

Choose where to put your decoupage and embellishments and stick them to the panels with the 1mm Foam pads.

Finish off with Stickles or Glamour Dust and…..
Put the kettle on… have earned it!

Happy Crafting!



  1. Beautiful card Phill, will try and have a go at some point :) xx

  2. I gave my version of this card to my sister for her birthday, and she went crazy for it. I added a mini picture of her to one of the screens, it looks great!

    Thanks for teaching me your wonderful designs!


  3. This is gorgeous! Must try it.

  4. Thankyou for the lovely comments...
    At least I know I am doing my job properly lol


  5. After having a quick look at this in the shop I had a go and made one for my neice's birthday. It wasn't quite the same because I couldn't remember. She loved it! Thanks for the inspiration.
    Megan x

  6. Hi Phill, me again. Please look on my blog here for a surprise!

  7. Just found your lovely new blog while browsing. Your cards are inspiring, I shall be back!!.