Tuesday 18 October 2011

October Minithon...

Good Morning All!

I am back from my holiday and raring to go!
I would highly recommend Hawaii as a holiday destination :o) But it's no fun coming back to the October cold in the UK! lol

Anyhoo, it's our October Minithon next Sunday, 30th October, 10am til 1pm and I need to know who is coming so let me know asap if you need a space... remember my maximum is 15 for Minithons.

We are doing a special Christmas Project in a box! :o)

Let me know by either..
emailing me admin@honeypotcrafts.co.uk
phoning me 0115 8403510
or let me know on my Facebook page

Thanks muchly

Love, as always


  1. Wished i lived nearer Phil as i would be there in a shot,whoever is going have a great time.

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