Saturday, 22 May 2010

For my sisters benefit......

.... and for those of you that don't 'do' Facebook ;o)
Hi Everyone

I was speaking to my sister earlier today and was telling her about the cards I have been putting on the Honeypot Crafts Facebook Page. She "doesn't do Facebook" lol

So I thought I would pop them on here for her and the other people out there that don't like Facebook... How thoughtful is that ;o) lol
For those of you that do want to follow me on Facebook, there is a quick link to my page a few messages down.

Anyway, here are a couple of 8x8 projects I have done recently, primarily to show people the new GCD Studios Paris Nights and Ella Blue Papers.
Then the third is a 7x7 card to promote some new multi flower punches I have just had delivered...

I hope you like them.

Happy Crafting


  1. These are lovely brother! I am glad I nagged you to post them here as well. A good business man always listens to his customers.

    I am sure my credit card will be used next Sunday at the class!

  2. Well Rodders next year you will be a millionaire, I will keep my credit card at home. love and kisses Auntie Suexx

  3. If only I could stop spending ;o)


  4. Love the wedding card. So cute and the stamp is so unique. Great Job!

  5. Hi Phill,
    Thanks for being so kind,informative and restorative today when, my sister Rita and I visited your shop in Sherwood.(The tea was reviving!)
    We both loved the two cards on your display easels, especially the wedding themed one.
    Warning! WE WILL BE BACK! So get the kettle on!

    Sandie and Rita xx

  6. Hiya
    Thanks Melissa :o)

    Sandie & Rita,... you are welcome and the kettle will be on ;o) Was lovely to meet you both...just remember Mondays are my day off lol
    See you soon