Monday, 4 July 2011

Up and running...

Hi Everyone
Well, where to start!

My new Honeypot Crafts Online store is now officially open and up and running!

After much encouragement (bullying lol) from some of my Facebook and Twitter followers, I let the new shop go 'live' a week earlier than planned, but the response have been overwhelming.

I want to, personally, thank Sue and NJ particularly for their words of encouragement (and nagging!) for getting me motivated to get the online shop up and running again, it's been a long haul project that I have been doing in the background for a wee while now so I hope you like the new look and feel of it.

I also want to personally thank everyone else (sounds like I won an award lol) for your support too, I truly value you all as friends, not customers and to have both is just amazing!

Anyway, I will be constantly adding new products to the online shop as there is still so much in my 'real' shop that isn't on the site yet, and of course, you know I keep ordering new products too so I am going to be an even busier bee!

I plan to add new ranges on Fridays, so please keep an eye on my Twitter and Facebook as I'll let you all know on there too when new ranges are added :o)

Have I rambled enough? yep! 

Thanks again and here is a quick linky to the new online shop...

Happy Crafting


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