Friday, 15 May 2009

Monochrome Exploding Box

Hi Everyone!
I recently did an Exploding Box workshop at the shop and this is the one I made. I have so many people asking me how they are made, so here we go....
I love Exploding Boxes....they are something a bit different and special.
They are perfect for special occassions as you can personlise them with photographs etc.
I promise that these are easy to make and worth investing the time to create.
I have done this one in Monochrome as it photographs well for the Blog - I hope you like it!
Happy Crafting!
Monochrome Exploding Box

3 Sheets of 12x12 Bazzill Dotted Swiss Cardstock (Co-ordinating colours)
1 A4 Sheet of Cardstock for the lid
1 A4 Sheet of Silver Mirriboard
Black Grosgrain Ribbon
Woodware Super Cherry Punch
Woodware Super Daisy Punch
Woodware Big Daisy Punch
Woodware Jumbo Daisy punch
Woodware Big Fern Leaf Punch
Woodware Super Duper Rounded Flower Punch
Floral Punchcraft Stamens Punch
Crystal Stickles or Iridescent Glamour Dust
Sizzix Butterflies Sizzlit Set
Dovecraft Corner Rounder Punch
Extra Strong DS Tape (I use Woodwares’ red power tape)
Sakura Quickie Glue Pen or equivalent


Take your first piece of 12x12 cardstock; this will be the outer layer. Trim this to 30cm x 30cm (Bazzill is always slightly bigger)

Make a pencil mark at 10cm and 20cm along all four sides, and then score them together to make a grid of 9 squares.

Cut the four outside squares away to leave you with a + shape. Put the cut out pieces to one side as we will use them to decorate the inside off the box later.

Trim your second piece of 12x12 cardstock to 27cm x 27cm.

Repeat the above process, but score at 9cm and 18cm.

Again, cut away the four outside corners and put the cut out pieces away for decorating the inside of the box later.

Trim your last piece of 12x12 cardstock to 24cm x 24cm and score at 8cm and 16cm.

Again, cut away the four outside corners and put the cut out pieces away for decorating the inside of the box later.

Use the corner rounder punch to round off the outside corners on all three pieces.

Use the corner rounder punch to round off the corners of the squares you cut off the second and third layers.

OK, Now the assembly!

Put DS tape around the bottom of the middle square of the middle layer; stick this in the centre of the bottom layer (the biggest).

Repeat the above on the smallest layer and stick in the centre of the middle layer.

That’s it - That’s the box part done. Apart from the decoration of course.

Punch out the flowers in any combination you like. I like to bend and crease the flowers to create the unusual shapes. There is no right or wrong way to build your flowers, just do them as you like them.

Glitter them up with stickles or glamour dust and let that dry whilst you make the lid.

I like geometric and co-ordinating patterns, hence my flowers have been stuck in the box with complete symmetry, but this is personal choice.

Now - The lid.

There are two ways to make the lid; I have chosen the easiest to show you so I hope you can understand the instructions!

Trim your A4 cardstock to 15.5cm x 15.5cm.

I have made this box lid slightly larger to ensure it isn’t too tight on your box.

Score all four sides 2.6cm in from the edge.

Cut a small V shape into each corner where the scored lines overlap, on all four sides.

Turn the lid upside down and put the extra strong DS tape on the small square on the edge of each side.

Turn the lid over again and stick the corner inside as you fold the scored line in. Repeat this on all four corners. The bit you stick in should be in the inside of the lid.

Trim the lid with the Grosgrain ribbon.

Decorate as you like. I used the Sizzix Butterflies.

You know what’s coming next…..

Put the kettle on… have earned it!

Happy Crafting!



  1. Great instructions Phill. I'll have to give this a go if the kids leave me alone for an hour!!


  2. Wow ! almost lost for words.......... you never fail to create and inspire others ! The Sissix Buterflies finish this "Beautiful Box! perfectly !!
    .... love the monochrome ! love the flowers ! ......everything about this box is Fab,
    thanks for sharing with us once again .......
    looking forward to more of your fantastic designs ..not sure you can outdo this one tho ((;-))) XX

  3. Yet another stunning creation Phill, its beautiful, and the instructions are very easy to follow..not an easy project to explain in words, but you got it spot-on :o) Well done dahling, love Anne xxx

  4. What a work of art. I love the black and white-so classy! Thanks for sharing such detailed instructions.


  5. Glad you like it ;o)


  6. Wow, Phil It is stunning, Would love to come and play one day, never get the time. I promise next time I come up I will come to see you.


  7. Beautiful creation, I love it in B&W
    you have a great blog... i;m looking forward to following.
    I've subscribed via atom as well, just in case I forget to check the blog for updates :roll:
    One day I will come a pay you a visit... i'm a bout 60 miles away!
    keep crafting
    hugs rozzy xx

  8. PS: I've added a link to your store on my blog side bar :)...just a little advertsiing for you :) hugs rozzy xx

  9. One of the nicest one's I've seen. Very stylish!